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Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
He was late for team bus, and I think a team meeting. This was reported, you can look it up.

-Go and look around the league how often it happens. Especially with young players.

There is video of Jacques Martin literally flipping out on Sergei for not paying attention at practice. Look it up.

-JM who was in his first pre-season camp with the Habs was upset because Sergei did a stretch-pass play in practice (didn't fit in his system of moving players up the ice together)

-During the same camp, Sergei alledgedly got in a fight with Gomez. Every observer took Gomez's side. You had the proven leader Gomez who had just been parachuted in Montreal who was laying down the law on the young locker-room cancer.

When he got kicked off the ice at practice(or refused to come out, can't remember now) Price tried talking to him and Sergei shrugged him off to which Price said something like "real nice Sergei".

He was benched during the playoffs. He was upset. Henri Richard did the same.
1) Big deal?
2) Big deal?
3) Big deal?

LOL, and since when, a PK/Pleks discussion turned into a SK discussion. This only happens on Montreal board.

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