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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
So basically most of this is 3rd hand information. Great. Also, OMG Sergei shrugged off Price!! Do you know how often things like that happen? Late for a team bus? OMG, that never happens!!! Seguin missed a practice...he was scratched and that was it.

When people dislike someone, they try to blow up any little thing about them and believe anything negative about them and assume everything said about them is right.

He was immature probably, but a cancer? Give me a break. Everyone's a cancer when they get traded from the Habs.
Well you've obviously never played a team sport in any real competitive level. Sergei shrugging off Price like that shows his bad attitude and Prices good attitude. You lump that together with all those other things and you've got a pretty good idea of the situation. Then you add the fact that he actually did get traded from a team that hoped he and his brother would be a great duo for many years to come and you start thinking; "Did we send sergei to hamilton and eventually trade him because management is not interested in winning? or was it because there were some real issues at play here?". You can choose your fairytale land and I'll stick with what I know.

Stop making crap up. I love Sergei as a player, you have no idea how much it pissed me off the way he was acting. He effectively screwed us over because we couldn't get decent return on him either.

And no, he wasn't a cancer, he was an immature punk. Laraque was a cancer.

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