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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Here's a fact to crunch on. All those players are among the best in the league this year and have been playing amazing all year long.

Did you know they all have more points than Sidney Crosby too? CRAZY, RIGHT?
I think you missed the OP point. He didn't say those players have more points than our leading point getter. He said they have more points than our top 4 highest paid players combined.

And yes that is a very revealing fact.

When Gainey went out and put together his little smurf experiment there were a few of us who complained that the team was too small and not as fast and speedy as everyone was making them out to be. The counter argument was the other teams had to catch us to hit us. Well, it's not just a question of injuries. It's a question of effectiveness and fatigue. Come April, May the smurfs that are still playing and not injured are too gassed to put up much of a fight. The first year was a blimp but last year's playoffs and this year's team are proving that Gainey's/Gauthier's grasp of team management is not what it should be.

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