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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
The vets
Plekanec - 29 points in 39 games. -10. For a guy that is highly regarded as a good two-way player, he needs to improve defensively this season.
Cammalleri - 21 points in 34 games, 8 goals. Not scoring nearly enough for a sniper and his work without the puck is dreadful.
Gionta - 15 points in 29 games. Work ethic is there when he plays, but the production isn't there.
Cole - Leads the team with 16 goals. Has really turned it on since his slow start to the season.
Moen - 12 points in 37 games, 9 goals. Solid bottom 6 player and one of the bigger surprises of the season.
Kaberle - 7 assists in 10 games with the Habs. Looks good and has helped the powerplay, defensively needs to be a bit better though.
Gill - Habs penalty kill is 2nd best in the league. Gill is doing his job.
Darche - Disappointment from last season's effort.
Gomez - No explanation needed here.

So yes, blame can be placed all around when it comes to the vets. For the most part, they need to be better in some or many aspects of the game.
There is more than goals and points.

Plekanec's quality of competition level is incredibly high.
We do know that he is used against the best players every night, but i dont think that we realized how this is important.

Laich is the only forward in the league facing, in average, stronger players than him (well, according to Desjardins' website)

And im not even talking about his use with zone starts and the score, because its even "worse". The point is that Plekanec is used as a very-defensive shield for Desharnais, and its basically impossible to give him a tougher task that he faced during the first months of the year.
(And i am also going to say that most of his minus did come from games under Cunneyworth...)

This is partially the same problem for Cammalleri, he's facing much better players than he was used to, and in a much more defensive situation, he's obviously not the best fit. (But with an exploitation line that is working and several players injured, the number of options is very small)

Gionta being also a Plekanec's linemate for an extended period, his numbers are also affected by the very defensive use of the line.

(Still, if we're strictly talking about numbers, he's on pace for 40+ pts, last year, he reached 46.)

So, they're used in a very defensive role, and you're blaming them because they are not as successful offensively as they previously were ?
The fact that the role of the line changed is really that difficult to understand ?

Darche is a 4th liner, Gomez is injured, Kaberle did play less than 10 games with us, they should not be in the conversation.

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