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11-05-2003, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Newsguyone
Beginning research for an article, and I'm looking for some quick insights so I can start to forumulate some questions.

Questions about USNTDP and junior hockey

1) Why was it started?
2) Who funds it?
3) Seems to me that the US Colleges benefit big time from the program, as it gives young US prospects a decent reason to stay in the US instead of going to the Canadian Juniors. Is that a fair assessment?
4) What kind of stipend do Canadian Junior Hockey players get from their teams? Do USNTDP kids get a stipend?
5) Is it true that Herb Brooks thought the program was a waste?
6) Is Mantha's departure a bad sign for the program?
7) How is the program regarded by colleges and the NHL?
8) I read something about agents collecting up to $10,000 to deliver a top prospect to a CHL team. Can that be correct?
9) Is the US program generally seen as improving? Staying the same? Getting worse.
10) Why should a US prospect play with the US team?
11 How often is the US program used as a bargainning chip for coaches and players trying to get a good CHL deal?

Thanks for answering any of these questions.
Either post here, or return by PM.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I'll be glad to share my work as it comes together.

About the NTDP...

The National Team Development Program (NTDP) was started six years ago by USA Hockey in an effort to increase the overall development of American hockey players. The Program brings together America's premier student/athlete hockey players under the age of 18. The NTDP is a non-profit organization that operates year-round by placing emphasis on athletic, academic, and social development in order to allow American hockey players success at the highest levels.
I don't see why Mantha leaving the program will be any differnet than Eaves leaving the program, both did it to advance their own careers, nothing against the program. The strength and conditioning and coaches are top notch, the progra is notorious for having its' players in extremely great shape!

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