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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Would you hire the guy that I listed in my post that you replied to?

Hint--Its not Claude Loiselle.

Edit to add. Unlike you, I am tired of the pussification of this team by Gainey and Gauthier. So yes, undeniably, the new GM has to be an advocate of tough hockey that *gasp* includes fighting.
that's a great resume... with no substance... and chances are it's not much better or worse than the resumes from MOST GM/coaches in the league... even the bad ones have some interesting stuff to put in theirs, or stuff that looks interesting at the very least.

- was he a good agent ? resume doesnt show
- a good attorney ? resume doesnt show
- a good asst. GM ? resume doesnt show
- does he really believe what he says ? only in interview it will show

so, to awnser your question, only a ****** would hire someone based on a resume alone...

at the very best, a great resume gets you an interview, nothing more...

can pretend otherwise, but you're not interested in anything but fights anyway... everything comes down to fight for you.

- we dont score enough goals ? get a fighter
- we dont have a great game plan ? get into fights
- our 1st line C has to be used as a shutdown C ? replace him with a fighter
- our D has huge holes ? missing a goon or two

missed anything ?

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