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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
that's a great resume... with no substance... and chances are it's not much better or worse than the resumes from MOST GM/coaches in the league... even the bad ones have some interesting stuff to put in theirs, or stuff that looks interesting at the very least.

- was he a good agent ? resume doesnt show
- a good attorney ? resume doesnt show
- a good asst. GM ? resume doesnt show
- does he really believe what he says ? only in interview it will show

so, to awnser your question, only a ****** would hire someone based on a resume alone...

at the very best, a great resume gets you an interview, nothing more...

can pretend otherwise, but you're not interested in anything but fights anyway... everything comes down to fight for you.

- we dont score enough goals ? get a fighter
- we dont have a great game plan ? get into fights
- our 1st line C has to be used as a shutdown C ? replace him with a fighter
- our D has huge holes ? missing a goon or two

missed anything ?
Glad you posted. Shows all of your other posts aimed at me were nothing more than petty drivel with no substance.

That resume is from a guy who agrees more with me than with you and AK46Awesome.

Peter Chiarelli. Ever hear of him? Loiselle shares the same philosophy as Chiarelli. Toughness matters.

Thanks for the good chuckle you just gave me. Happy New Year BUDDY!!!!!

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