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01-02-2012, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
One part that really hit me during that PC was when PG said : Ce qui nous motive c'est l'appât du gain, la compétition.

Loosely translated as : What motivates us is monetary gains, competition.

It seemed like he was enumerating synonyms but yeah... They're two different things. And if the first thing that jumps to his mind is money when making moves it's not a good sign. Theoretically, your first motivation should be a passion for your job. The need to do the right thing that comes from within. Not just money in and out of itself. Sure the first goal of an organization is to have bigger profits but the motivation driving individuals can't only be that or they won't be the right fit. You need people who have a passion for what they're doing. That isn't really too surprising to me though. I always felt like PG was missing the point a little even though he was a competent guy. I now know what's wrong with him and why he's been a loser all this time and always will be.

Not to mention I really got the vibe he was trying to deflect blame and save his own hide. When he was enumerating the 3 ways to turn the ship around.. last was management (all of management not just him) doing everything possible.. but saying it as if everything had been done already.
weirdo has no business being a GM at all, let alone montreal. he was in over his head before the lockout and in a market like montreal where he was essentially given the job by boivin, he's been a dysfunctional disaster with both public relations and professional competency

when gainey was stepping down, he wanted brisebois, boivin said 'gauthier' - that's from an insider source so you can take or leave it.
ps why do people think boivin is gone? i'll tell you why because he was an adviser for peladeau bid to buy from he bet on wrong horse and was fortunately canned

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