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11-05-2003, 06:53 PM
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Some answers:

The program is funded by USA Hockey.
The players do not recieve money as a stipend. The host family receives money as room and board from USA Hockey.
It's a great opportunity for american elite players to stay in the US, play with the best here, finish high school and hopefully receive a scholorship to a Div.1 college.
Players that decide to go to Canada lose the opportunity to go to college in this country. The Major Jr. Teams in Canada pay their players.
I suppose their agent receives quite a bit of money to deliver a highly skilled player.
Mantha leaving will not effect the team.
Herb Brooks thought it would be better to spread the money around instead of using the money on 48 players a year.
The program has produced some round 1 NHL draftees. I do believe the players were already highly skilled before they arrived in Ann Arbor. USNTDP honed their skill and gave the US a better chance to win internationally.
I think being selected to play on the US team gives the player instant status as a highly skilled player. It is a high profile team watched by NCAA and NHL scouts. If a player wants to play NHL hockey and wants to stay in the USA and has the skill....this is the best place to get noticed as a high school 16, 17 year old.