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New Skate Nightmares

Hi Folks,

In a nutshell I'm in a bit of a sticky situation regarding new skates. I'll set out my situation and then go through the questions that have arisen.

Feel free to skip ****************************************
I'm 21 and been playing hockey for about 3 years with my university. I was on the ice practicing maybe 2-3 times a week. I'm a competent skater as in I can go in both directions/crossover/stop on either side, either leg or both, at full speed. I'd label myself as beginner-intermediate. I've got the bases covered regarding the basics and looking to develop my skills.

My first skates were the 2008 CCM Vector 3, in 8.5D. I bought them on the advice theyd break in and contour to my foot, and that tightness in the toebox would eventually disappear. After a solid season on them this never happened. Occasionally if I did them too tight Id cut off circulation or my feet would feel hot and sore. Definitely a size too small.

I ebay'd a pair of 2007 CCM Vector 3s, the Ovechkin ones with silver and yellow laces in a 9.0D for 25. Best money I've ever spent. They fit like a dream. My toe "feathers" the top when loose/standing upright. I can skate for hours at work and feel no discomfort at all. I'm working full time in an outdoor ice rink at the moment.

Basically I'm at the point where I wanted to treat myself to a mid level pair of skates. I've heard extra stiffness can be a help in energy transfer. Boot stiffness is becoming an issue with the SE v3s - they are very flexible, not through breakdown, but just because they are made from cheap materials. I've taken a few slappers to the boot and let's say although not immobilisingly painful, it wasn't an amazing experience. When I get low and have a larger ankle inflection there isnt much feedback from the skate, it folds slightly. Not Ideal.

Here come the problems.

While in the US I casually tried on some Vapor X20s and Reebok 11Ks (the shop only had 11s lol!) both felt good in a 9.0D as I expected. I have a normal to narrow heel with a normal width foot but lower arches.

Recently ordered some Reebok 6Ks in 9.0D over the net based on this fitting in the US last year. They felt ok - the heel was locked down tightly and securely. I could walk and put all my weight on my toes and the heel didn't lift up at all. The problem was with the upper volume in the boot. The toecap was further away than before and I could curl my toes quite a lot (probably due to my low arches and smaller foot volume).

I thought they didn't fit. Exchanged them instore for 8.5Ds. Now they are too small. I can feel my big toe pressed to the top cap unless they are on VERY tight (gave myself blisters pulling the laces so hard)

So here's my problem:

Reeboks don't seem like such a great fit now, especially with such a volumous forefoot/toebox.

- Can you recommend a skate that is akin to the 2007 CCM Black/Chrome/Yellow lace vector shape/fit. I'm looking to spend up to 250 (so about $200 when you account for the massive mark up in the UK. Something like 6Ks, One60s U+10s etc)

-If I stick with the Reeboks will they eventually break in and the foams compress a bit to give my toes more room?

- I can just get my money back and be content with a perfect fitting but soft skate. If it aint broke dont fix it?

- I'm thinking that vapors might be the way to go,having read on here they fit slightly narrower. Whats the transition like from a neutral upright stance of CCM to vapor's aggressive forward pitched skate?

-I'm hunting high and low for another pair of SE CCMs either vector 6 or 10s - will these fit me given the corresponding boot in a lower model (v3) does?

Sorry this is such a long winded post, but this whole new skate business is becoming a bit of a farce. Inspite of knowing I should just try on every skate possible, I went with ones I had tried a while ago, seduced by the looks of the 6K in white.

Any and all comments, hints and tips are greatly appreciated

thanks and happy new year!

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