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Originally Posted by Pleky Roks View Post
Chara WILL NOT fight anybody that is a known fighter. Laraque grabbed him twice in one game and Chara held him and pulled him to the ice both times because he didn't want to fight him.

Since Chara won't man up and fight anybody that can fight, he will never get the beating he deserves.

Parros, Scott and MacIntyre are all guys that would beat Chara to a pulp, but you'll never see it because like Lucic, Chara picks and chooses who he fights with.
wow, Chara can ragdoll and "pull" big 250lb guys to the ice decisively, yet you have some delusional belief that he should go toe to toe somehow that fits into your narrow idea of how a "fight" should go, Chara is huge, and to top that off, he is very strong for his size, he may have had some draws/losses earlier in his career, but now in the shape he is and the strength he has now, nobody is going to beat him up, not Parros Scott or Macintyre, and the longer they stayed up and wrestled would play even more into Chara's endurance advantage, but of course he is smart enough to just throw the big guys around and to the ice, what is the point of playing rockem sockem robots, it only makes perfect sense that he will throw the other guy around because he can

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