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01-02-2012, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Dangles View Post
Legal hits can give concussions. Do you think every hit to the head/jaw deserves a suspension? I don't.

I thought this was a fine hit. Can't believe there was supplementary discipline. His head wasn't targeted, it wasn't principle point of contact and it wasn't reckless. I'm just lost at Shanny's justification.

FWIW I didn't think Datysuk deserved anything either for his hit on Jackman.

This league is getting soft quick. It's getting to be very hard to make an legal open ice hit, or any hit with the head being contacted in.
I disagree with your statement that the head wasn't the principle point of contact. It looked like it was to me, and evidently Shanahan.

The league is doing better this year. They've simplified the rules to something understandable. Its probably being policed more tightly right now than it will be ultimately, but that's part of changing the culture.

Simply: Any hit where the head is the principle point of contact is a problem. Supplemental discipline factors in things like: intent, what the other player did just prior to the hit, past history of the offender, etc. But the bottom line is that if you hit a guy in the head, expect discipline.

Suspended players are going to learn very quickly. Shanahan releasing explanatory videos on every single instance is fantastic, and beyond what I see in any other professional sport.

There will always be fringe cases, and disagreement. In Cole's case, it was a poor decision on the hit. I was surprised Pang didn't comment on it at the time, but not surprised to learn the league suspended Cole. 3 games seems a bit excessive, but the difference between one and three games isn't that much. Its the statement that matters.

I really don't care whether people call it "soft". When every team has star players sitting out with concussions, you have to do something to change the culture. I still see the sport as being incredibly physical. Backes has laid out tons of great hits all season, and none were illegal or with the head being the principle point of contact. With guys like him playing the way they are, legally, how is that soft?

Shanahan has an incredibly difficult job, and he's going to continue to piss off fans because the suspensions will continue. The culture must change.

The other place we see it is in the way injured players are handled. Lots of guys are missing games/practice now that would have been playing if it were 10 years ago, maybe just 5 years ago. It was wrong then, and guys have paid the price for those mistakes.

There will still be concussions and injuries, but anything to prevent the ones you can prevent should be done.

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