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01-02-2012, 07:59 PM
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Great theater to be in, a fun game, they just didn't win. I'd rather have been there even though they lost than to not have been at all.

Came down to:

-Bob gave up two terrible goals to Mike Rupp. Especially the second one, that can't go in. First one may be a bit lucky. Doesn't matter who is and is not a hater, the Flyers finally got control of the game, the goaltender coughed it up. Par for the course.

-Flyers lost control after that second goal. They worked so hard battling the conditions and found themselves tied and prone to one defensive breakdown costing them the game. And they were given a chance to get it back at the end of the game, and didn't convert.

-Flyers are hopeless against the trap. Doesn't matter if it's indoors, outdoors, underwater, or the moon, the Flyers are going nowhere until they figure something out there. The Rangers are way further ahead of the Flyers than the standings indicate.

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