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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
16 here (though 18 for beer league), and that's fine. Lets high school kids play, but weeds out the 10 year olds. 10 is really just way too young- you're risking injury playing with adults going full speed. Even if your kid was good, everybody else on the ice would have to pay special attention to going easy or not injuring the kid, making it a lot less fun for them. It may be a cute thing for you, but you can't ruin it for everyone else.

It's not a matter of your son being under 18 so much as it is a matter of your son's presence being a risk to himself and something that would spoil the game for anybody who had hoped to play a higher level game. They're perfectly correct to ban kids, I certainly wouldn't play in a pickup that welcomed them.
I have to agree with this. It's one thing to sneak your 17 year old son / nephew / cousin who plays full contact into men's league games (i've done it several times and he happens to usually be one of the best players on the ice)... but if the kid is small enough to be noticed that he's not 18, he really shouldn't be on the ice with adults, simple as that.

While you do have to respect individual parenting choices, I don't think there should be an honus on the league to facilitate poor choices. I can understand that a father may want to share the ice with his kid, but that doesn't mean the other 8 guys out there want a father and his 10 year old ruining their game.

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