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Originally Posted by leek View Post
So the Klesla deal was to get rid of a bad contract.

Who negotiated that contract for the Blue Jackets, and when was it consummated?
I never said Howson was good at resigns or signing players, I said he is good at making trades, he always get something of value in trades. The Klesla trade was about dumping that bad contract so that we could upgrade in the offseason.

Originally Posted by CBJCougar View Post
Rusty has missed 7 games, none of which involved being suspended. Wiz has missed more than that prior to the broken ankle. How much are we paying James? What's your point again?

Did Howson get good value for Klesla? I said at the time it was a loaner situation and it was. You don't piss away assets for loaners. And you damn sure don't make it a priority to call an AHL player named Sestito while letting the Original Blue Jacket find out he was traded on tv!! Oops.

Howson traded away both Klesla and Hejda, the cornerstones of our "tough to play against" defense. Can you say that about us now? With a straight face?? As a result, did he manage to create an offense that is capable of scoring more than 2 goals per game??

Howson overpays every day. He does it because he puts himself into a position where he has to. He is reactive, not proactive. He is not a good leader. There is not one solid situation where he has been brilliant.

And I will go on record as saying I like Wiz. I do. But the dude needs discipline or he's gonna be another notch on the "I was trying to do good" belt that Howson wears to each and every loss that we have had.
First paragraph: Doesn't matter what we are paying Wiz as far as my comment was concerned. Like I said above, I didn't say Howson is good at signing or resigning players, he's actually pretty damn terrible at identifying the correct people and signing them to the correct contract amount. This is all proven by the fact that he has overpaid decently for the services of Nash, Umberger, Tyutin, Brassard, Methot, Mason, Wiznewski, Commodore, almost Redden, and Huselius. Howson is terrible at identifying who should be the core guys and how much they should make, he has proven that by this seasons showing.

second paragraph: Howson did get good value for Klesla. He got a winger who provided solid secondary scoring and a bottom pairing defender all to help with the playoff push. The best thing he got out of that trade was an out on the bad extension he signed Klesla to in the first place, so that trade was definitely a win trade, now would I rather have Klesla on this teams 2nd pairing than Clitsome? Sure, but not at 3 million just like I don't think anybody liked Methot getting signed to a 3 million extension. He didn't piss away an asset, he got rid of a liability.

third paragraph: Hejda was a cornerstone of our tough to play against defense, but he also regressed significantly after he was injured to the point where he looked horrible on the ice often. Klesla wasn't a cornerstone on defense at all, in fact he was constantly injured, he did have a 4 good playoff games though, but other than that, he was still the same defender who couldn't make a good decision with the puck and Hejda was well past his prime, not only that, but our defense hasn't been good at all except for 2009, I don't know where you got the idea that the D was good, but our defense has given up at least a 3.0 GPG average every year since the playoff season.

The rest: Howson overpays in free agency and keeping his own players. I'm not sure why that is in the case of retaining his own guys, but the free agent market is more because the market demands the price (although I question the market demand for Wiz, Commodore, and Huselius at the price we got them). He has yet to make a bad trade or one that he overpaid in, but if you can show me one that he did other than the Klesla trade that I Just don't agree with, then by all means let me know.

Can't believe I'm defending this guy, I need to take a shower now.

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