Thread: Proposal: Tyutin for Strome and Koskinen
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01-03-2012, 05:05 AM
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I'd like to add Tyutin, but not at the cost of Strome. Let's face it, we've proven that we can't bring in elite level talent via free agency so far. That makes a player with the skill cap of Strome that much more important.

I think of Strome in two ways:
  1. Playmaking winger potential for Tavares
  2. 2nd line center in case Bailey can't provide enough offense at the NHL level.

Also, just to be realistic, Eaton would probably have to be moved.

I'd trade Nino, Eaton and a goalie prospect who isn't named Poulin for Tyutin. Is that enough for Columbus to trade him? It's not like we're talking about a player who doesn't fit there. He's signed @$4.5 million/year for what should be the rest of his most productive years. Considering what players get on the open market, that seems to be fair. Tyutin isn't the problem with that team.

Columbus needs an NHL-proven Ryan Strome. Whenever I complain about our lines and overall roster, I can at least be thankful that I'm not a CBJ fan. That roster literally looks like somebody threw a bunch of hockey cards in a bag and dumped it out. It's just a poor mix of forwards and defenders. I don't see how they can remove Tyutin when their defense makes me thankful for ours.

Just looking at the CBJ roster, I'd say they need this:

A first line playmaking winger.
A top-2 all around d-man
A starting capable NHL goalie
A seasoned top-4 defenseman that can skate
A culture change (I would imagine)
Healthy and performing players signed to significant NHL contracts
Swapping some of the current roster for better fitting pieces of the above

You're not getting all of that easily. I'm sorry, but they made terrible moves in this past offseason; the kinds of additions that NYI fans should be wary about when we want to add salary or move players. The problem with NHL team building is that it literally requires a sense of how the final product will work together. Bringing in players that produce "numbers" is dangerous when you don't understand how they do so.

As in, if you've got Wizniewski on one side, then you need an extremely mobile defender paired up with him. If you bring in Jeff Carter, then also bring in Alex Tanguay or somebody like him to play with him.

The guy they traded for Jeff Carter is the guy they should have envisioned playing next to him well into the future.

When your goaltending becomes shaky, bring in a veteran 1B type.
Why in the ****ing world didn't they try to add Nabokov at the very least?

When your defense really needs a rock at the top, you don't bring in the Wiz and Martinek.

I don't understand what the **** they were thinking. Of course, I ask many similar questions about our franchise, so it's not like I'm throwing rocks in a glass house here. I'm just happy we finally changed our lines.

If I'm a CBJ fan, I'm hoping they're big come this deadline. They still do have a couple of promising young players and legitimate NHLers. They've got a world of prospect depth on defense. They need to try to find takers for a couple of their mismatched players and spend their roster spots and cap space more wisely. If they can't make any major dumps, then they truly need to tweak around the pieces that they can't move with cost-effective players that complement them. A "home run" forward prospect in this coming draft sure as hell would help, as well.


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