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Originally Posted by Doug61 View Post
I never said Howson was good at resigns or signing players, I said he is good at making trades, he always get something of value in trades.
Please don't confuse my response as support for cougar because . . . . . . . it's certainly not. However, you can't expect us to swallow the "he's good at trades" along with the "not good at resigns or signing players". Christ man, he forces himself to trade away things we shouldn't trade because he overpaid in the first place.

That's a crappy general manager there with a ****** coach beneath him. It's the perfect recipe for DOOM and we all get a nice heaping helping of it nearly every time the Jackets plan any more.

I like Priest on a personal level (worked with him before) but either his inaction or inaction from above him makes me furious. No one in that front office should remain.

And on a slightly different subject, if I see another "Fail for Nail" I am going to ****ing scream. Any moron professing this forgets that the CBJ takes good players and allows them to become **** right in front of our eyes. So lose the pipe dream that some magical, player is going to turn this boat around single-handedly.

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