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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Cally definitely grabbed the stick, after being hooked. No one can question that.

What can be questioned is why he grabbed it. Did he grab it to protect himself, or to embellish the play? It's a split-second reaction. It could be either or both. I can understand (somewhat) why the ref would call it a penalty.

However questionable the call might have been, it was minor compared to the other gaffes by the refs. McDonagh gets pushed by a philly player into the goal and knocks it off the pegs. How does McD get a delay of game penalty for that? That's just an awful, awful call. If anything, the philly player should have been called for interference. And then there was the non-call on Gabby's breakaway. The philly player's stick was clearly parallel to the ice and around Gabby's waist. How that doesn't get called is beyond me.

And the final straw was the penalty shot. I have yet to see a camera angle that shows that McD put his hand on the puck, and I'm sure the refs didn't actually see it either.

The refs had done a good job all game of staying out of the way and letting the game be decided on the ice, then in the last 5 minutes they made several questionable calls/non-calls in philly's favor. I can only hope that they were honest mistakes. I would hate to think that any ref would risk the integrity of the game to increase the drama and play to the crowd/audience.
To me, it looks as if he did it to embellish the play.

Great angle at 10:10

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