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01-03-2012, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Bauer Warrior View Post
If I walked four steps in his shoes, I would have retired, and not because of a bad groin. The guy is not a good goalie, he never was a good goalie, and the only reason why some Islander fan think he was any good is because he's the only goalie who's been force-fed to them. The franchise is so bad now, that even if a fan's been a fan for 20 years, the bar for overall performance and goaltending is so low, that this guy might seem like a goaltending god. Even in his semi-decent year of 2006-07, he was inconsistent at best.
Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
Of course he loved them, they drafted him number 1 when he should have been a second rounder at best. They handed him the keys to the kingdom without him ever EARNING anything. They gave him a lifetime contract and he has an in with the owner and GM. Not to mention he knows he'll never be relased. Who wouldn't love the team?

It seems when people who support him realize that he has never been anything more then an average to below average NHL goaltender, they drag out his passion and love for the game and the team. If he found himself on another team tommorrow he'd profess his love for that team and that city just as much. The fact people believe his BS is comical.

Then again the fact people think he was ever good is equally as comical.
Even more comical is the revisionist history some people inexplicably use to kick the guy when he's down, as exhibited in the posts quoted here (among others). "Semi-decent year"? "Second rounder at best"? Give me a break.

As someone who was never high on Rick and considered Draft Day 2000 a disaster even when things were looking up, I take little pleasure in saying Rick was very good in his all-star year. Even ignoring what I saw in his play and going by the numbers, his SV% that year (often the most telling goalie stat IMO) was 6th among goalies who played at least 10 games. He seemed to be maturing, was starting to shed the bad habits that made most of us think he'd never live up to the billing, and briefly even made it seem like Milbury knew what he was doing. Unfortunately, the injury bug then set in and has effectively finished off his career, so we'll never know how good he might've been.

To summarize, there are plenty of legitimate negative things one could say about Ricky and his career - no need to make things up entirely and **** on the few accomplishments he's actually had.

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