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01-03-2012, 10:29 AM
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Watching The Winter Classic took me back many years as a Rangers fan. Something has happened to New York Rangers hockey. It is slowly, grudgingly being acknowledged by those in and around the NHL, and even in the Rangers fans base.

I agree 10,000% with what Messier was quoted as saying in the article:

"If you can get a group of young players who have come through the system together and learn the game, learn how to be a pro all together and that are the focus and nucleus of the team, it's a huge advantage," Messier said. "Huge advantage."

This is the message the Organization has been stating since the close of the '03 - '04 season. A letter was sent out by the Rangers to fans pledging a rebuild from within. Hard nosed players would be brought up, together, from within the Org. to form a core.

That process suffered at times, but since Tort's came on he's consistently, repeatedly referenced "sticking to our plan", "building our young core", "not trading away our young core group of players."

A lot of folks that read this will say "Pizza your drinking the cool aid." I don't think so. The evidence is mounting. Winning and finding a way to win is not an accident or luck....when it just keeps happening. Many Rangers fans see themselves as realists. Cynicism is a right that many feel they have earned.

Times have changed. This ain't your fathers Rangers anymore. The young guys in that core could care less about the suffering of Rangers fans. All they want to do is win. Together.

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