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01-03-2012, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by param View Post
I've found better success to make friends at work instead of school. Though to be fair I've only ever done half of a semester of junior college on two separate occasions, and the place I worked at had about 150 people per shift. Hopefully when you get into the work force, or start logging in more hours if you're already employed, things will seem a lot better.
Oh, they already are. It was a rough first couple of quarters but after making a couple friends in Davis academics and happiness level have been a lot higher.

SSG I suggest you look for some kind of club or do social events asap when you get to college, don't go into college thinking you'll be fine without it like I did. I always saw myself as someone who didn't need many friends before going to college and found out the hard way that long distance friends with people back home wasn't enough to keep my spirits up.

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