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Originally Posted by PSP View Post
For the record, I haven't been able to watch either of the last 2 games - but it sounds like you are willing to blame everyone BUT DL.

If the players that he signed to serious big money contracts aren't producing, is it really not his fault at all? I thought that player personnel decisions were part of his responsibility - if they aren't producing, doesn't he hold some of the blame for choosing them?
It is partially his fault, I agree, but two people signed that contract, DL and the player. If a player underperforms, it's not all on DL's head. No one here would have thought Penner would produce so little as he has, no even me and I was very, very critical of the trade at the time. That's not all on D's shoulders. The same applies to Kopitar's slump.

Originally Posted by 123slam View Post

Sutter: "If the top skill guys are really going, you want to give them big minutes, but we also use those guys to kill penalties, Anze and Brownie and Richie, so with Kopitarís minutes, maybe there are times when you want to give him a little (rest)."

I think a rest has more to do with it than anything else. Cut the ice time back a minute or so a game, where it's felt he needs it most.

Originally Posted by Nex06 View Post
Whatever the question is, I am sure you have the one and only answer.

Yeah, he will take him off the PP. However if it's really lack of effort, like many claim, Sutter's decision really doesn't make any sense. They are talking about Kopitar not having the WILL to do something in offense and yeah, I know that he is being paid 6.8M, but even most determined player can't WILL goals from the bench. Unless of course Sutter knows something that we don't.
Of course Sutter knows something we don't. The guy works with Kopitar every day, has private meetings with him and manages him as a coach. Sutter knows several things we don't know. There's a reason Sutter does anything. It might not be the best decision all the time, but there's a reason, and that reason is based off of something he knows. Something sometimes we don't know.

Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
I guess I would be the same if I was making million's of dollars and lived in LA. I mean would you care about anything at that point ?

Also the media doesn't really hold anyone accountable in LA. I am surprised LA media talks about the Kings at all.
I'd care if I was Kopitar, and I'm sure Kopitar cares as well.

That said, I do agree with you the media fails in LA sports wise. I don't want LA turning into a circus like Montreal when the GM has to apologize for the language of choice for who he hired, but how hard would it be to find someone who knows hockey? They could hire one of us and improve their reporting in many cases.

Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
Fair enough,

Who fills the 2:36 then a game of SH,

Kopitar is probably our best defensive forward...and a huge reason why our PK is so good...

Who do you replace him with?
Who says you have to replace all of that 2:36? Even cut him back a minute per game of that would help.

Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
No, no they aren't.

Stoll is a great faceoff man which you want on the PK, but in zone play, his hockey IQ is absolutely brutal.

Brown, works his ass off and sacrifices his body, which, again, you want on the PK, but again, his hockey IQ is brutal.
Stoll and Brown aren't brutal. No one is saying they are Bob Gainey, but they aren't brutal. And yes, I watch the games.

Originally Posted by sjmay View Post
First one, I believe you are talking about the 4-3 with Richards on the ice and Kopitar just finished a shift, who else are you going to put out there?
According to your posts, anyone, even Westgarth.

Originally Posted by TopT View Post
If you want October Kopitar for 82 games you have to pay him 9M

Its funny cause nobody complained in October that he was making ONLY 6,8M
So you are saying if Kopitar was paid more, he'd not have a slump? He takes 10-20 games off because he gets $6.8 mill and not $9 mill a year?

I'll say my faith in Kopitar's morales is greater than yours.

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