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01-03-2012, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by AndrePetersson View Post
As far as the spoiler discussion in the title goes, I'm of the opinion that it probably affects those that know the score less to not have spoilers in the title, than it affects those that don't know the score of the game, when there are spoilers in the title, so if I were to make a judgement on the thing I would ask that people please
That's exactly it. I was on the other side of this issue before this thread, but a guy that's 5 hours ahead is in a different situation. He doesn't get to watch until after work the next day. What if he wants to see if there was a trade made, something happened in bingo, etc....

I mean it's like the toilet situation for us men. Yes I think it's a stupid thing to have to put the seat down for the women because it takes as much effort for us to raise it as for them to put it down, but honestly I really don't give a shiz so I do it to make my woman happy. So its the same as the pgt title. Is it kind of dumb? Yes, but does it benefit some people and not really affect the thread maker or anyone else for that matter and take 0 effort? Yes

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