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01-03-2012, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by EllertoKostitsynGoal View Post
He's probably my favorite player on the team and I absolutely hate how he has been handled here, this year or last. Just weird considering that he was a key return in a pretty big trade.

It looks even weirder when you consider the fact that he's one of the hardest and most consistent worker on the team but it seems like he's the guy that has to do the most to get rewarded for his hard work all while simultaneously being the one who gets the most easily punished for the tiniest mistake. At least, it's pretty telling of his character that he keeps on working and improving despite never getting the luxury of having the same wingers 3 games in row, sometimes getting switched from center to wing for no logical reason and never being given actual time to build up confidence.

Really weird how he's basically being set up to fail, especially considering how much we've done it it with other young players in the past and got burned. I'm begginning to wonder when we'll start hearing things about him being a cancer and how we had no choice but to trade him...too bad, he'll be a very good 2nd line center/1b center.
Cry me a River, set up to fail my ass. After RC's first game there was an article on how he was so happy because of all the icetime he got now.

Everyone is getting shuffled around. Now whether that's the right move or not who knows, but it's not more unfair to one player than it is to another.

Good players make other players better around them and succeed in all situations. Eller's not being treated any differently than other players it's that all your focus is on him.

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