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Originally Posted by thepuckmonster View Post
Curious as to what 'return' is being used in this sense. He's not 'returning' to the NHL roster, he's being waived. But you can't waive and injured player, correct?

Just when you thought you had a good grasp on it.
Return in this sense means he is cleared to play or medically fit to play.

Bitz would have to have been healthy enough to play to be waived in the first place otherwise the NHLPA would grieve the waiver because not only does it clear his salary from the cap it also means that since he is on a two-way deal he now will be getting his AHL salary of $105,000 and not his NHL salary of $700,000 (figures from

There is also an opportunity for teams to work the LTIR because there is no compulsory requirement to actually force a team to move a healthy player off LTIR. If you recall Salo remained on LTIR last season longer than necessary because returning him to the roster would have meant waiving him or another player to clear the caps space necessary. There was robust debate as to whether this constituted a cap circumvention - my opinion was that it did not based on the wording of the CBA.

That problem was solved when another player was injured and placed on LTIR - Edler IIRC. In that case the Canucks sent Salo to Manitoba for a conditioning stint but during that time he remained on the LTIR per the CBA:!/capgeek/status/33576336995917826

Here is article that looked at the Salo situation:

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