Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Vancouver @ Boston: Who should start?
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01-03-2012, 02:29 PM
dave babych returns
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Originally Posted by mrmyheadhurts View Post
Even though that's a slight against our fickle fans, there's a lot of truth in that actually. Look at how the Canucks were viewed and still are viewed by many outside fans because of how the last game against the Bruins went. You would think the Canucks are a lottery team the way they are discussed and disrespected. You just watch, when playoff time comes around everyone will pick the Canucks as first round fodder and all the arguments will be based on game 7 of the finals.

It still amazes me that a team decimated by injuries, that pushes a finals to 7 games, gets so easily dismissed by the hockey community and has their accomplishments tossed out the window.
You know it wasn't even meant as a slight.

I'm not a fickle fan (at least I don't view myself that way) but I would say that collapsing at home in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals was worse than losing a close-fought battle in that game would have been - but both possible outcomes are miles better than any type of loss to end the season in the Conference finals, or the first or second round.

That doesn't mean that losing the right way (eg. winning the fistfights in your losses) is more important than actually winning the games but the "last game" approach leaves room for everyone IMO.

Of course, I am hoping that this year our season ends in a win and we can all agree on how this team will be defined.

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