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12-17-2005, 03:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Scottkmlps
the people that wanted Garon traded, or that wanted Labarbera #1? I would just like to say, not gloating or anything, that I did say that Garon would take the ball and run with it, when <sarcasm on> the god, the almighty Labarbera <sarcasm off> went on his family emergency vacation.
So I would just like to know what all those people are thinking now.
I'll take the bait as well, I've had some caffeine this evening... I'm sure you're a long-time Kings fan like the rest of us, but this post is barely worthy of page 4 in a GDT. Not only is it bordering on annoyingly self-righteous, but making it into a "new thread" is narcissistic...

Yeah, Garon did indeed steal 2 points for the often-outplayed Kings tonight. He's hot and deserves to start until he cools off. But Labarbera was playing better than Garon only a couple of weeks ago. Don't be too sure of yourself until Garon makes a bit of a run. I hear message board people can be mean. Just ask Joe Corvo's momma.

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