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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
I don't think anyone is **** on the few accomplishments he's actually had, the problem is he's never had any acomplishments that are worth **** on. Let's look at the facts. DiPietro's only all star selection was in year was 07-08. In that year he finished the season with a SV% of .902, which was not even in the top 40 in the league for guys with at least 10 games played. However, thinking you may have meant his personal best year let's take a look. In 06-07 this is how his stats broke out, minimum 10 games played, your measuring sitck: SV% .919 ranked 6th, wins 32 ranked 13th, GAA 2.58 ranked 18th, GA 156 ranked 46th, SO 5 ranked 11th and lastly GP 62 ranked 12th. So in his best season he could not crack the top 10 in any statistical catagory but one. I'll even give you the beneefit of the doubt and take away the less important catagorries such as GP and SO, with those removed, he only cracks the top 15 twice. This was his best? Yet, many think this was a sign of things to come. Based on.........?? There have better goaltenders who had thier 5 minutes of fame, posted better years than DiPietros best year and dissappeared. Eventually water finds it's own level. I am sure the Caps were sure they had their goalie for years to come in Jim Carey, I am also sure the Canadiens thought they had their guy in Huet, Cloutier was supposed to man the Vancouver nets for years as was JS Giguere in Anaheim, Bayron DaFoe in BOS? What do they have in common? One good season or maybe two and then dropped off the radar or finished their "prime" years as a back up or out of the NHL. If 06-07 was the best he had to offer, it proves he wasn't anything to build around. But hey, his drive and competative spirit are impressive!
So your argument is that, in stats that are heavily team driven, he didn't place well? I think at this point there are plenty of guys on this board who just hate DiPietro, and are trying to find new ways to justify that. I've watched this game for quite a while, and if you watched that year, you would know that he was VERY good, particularly when he carried this team in the second half of the season (when he posted a .925 save%, which would be tops in the league). Here's another fun stat that doesn't show up without some looking: he was fourth in the league in Saves per 60 minutes; 1st if you limit it to guys in the league who were their teams clear-cut starters.

He was also (apart from a disastrous first start or two of the year) looking very good the next season, until his injury at the ASG absolutely destroyed his stats for the year (look at his splits).

I think we all agree he is done as an NHL goalie, but this thread for *****ing & moaning is just getting old.

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