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01-03-2012, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Sydor25 View Post
Kings are sitting at a 6.7% shooting percentage. The next lowest is Columbus at 7.5% and the league average is 9.1%. That's pathetic.

Shot mentality doesn't work and Sutter isn't making enough changes fast enough to the offense. I understand the slow build while he gets familiar, but it's time for him to make some serious changes to the offense. Getting rid of the umbrella PP is priority number one. Getting Jack and Drew to throw low wrist shots at the net instead of the huge slap shot wind ups will help too. He needs to start a 2 second rule when practicing the PP, no player should have the puck for more than 2 seconds before passing or shooting, making it a huge priority in practice so that it becomes the norm in games, quick puck movement is the key to most successful PPs. The Kings just hang on too long and stand around, making it very easy to defend the PP.

Come on Sydor, chill out.

We didn't score more than two goals in a game insomething like 13 straight games until TM was fired. We've scored three or more in a game twice under DS if I'm not mistaken and he's only had a few practices due to the long road trip. Let's see how the offense looks at the end of our homestand. I think you should go back to looking at the quality scoring chances per game as an indication of if our offense is on the right path or not.

It's not great, but it's better, and he hasn't even had time to really address issues yet.

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