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01-03-2012, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Funny. He was on the same piss poor team the last several years and has scored at a higher clip every year but his rookie year. He finally gets someone (Carter) to take the pressure off him, and he's on pace for arguably his worst season.

Maybe Nash's one dimensional play is catching up to him and he's not scoring because he's overrated?

Like I said, I like him, but at that cap hit and the way he's producing, not to mention the inflated price it would take to get him, pass. We rag on guys enough here for not scoring. He has a cap hit double what any of our wingers has and isn't scoring enough. Why gut the team for that?

Or maybe one year doesn't define someone's talent. Especially when that year isn't even over yet...

Not to mention that new center has been injured, hates being there, and is performing at the same clip as the rest of the team.


"I think part of his game is hes over aggressive at times, which I like. Well tame that. Id rather tame a lion than paint stripes on the kitty cat." - Dean Lombardi discussing Brayden McNabb
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