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Originally Posted by Dantes19 View Post
You people blow my mind. He did the interview equivalent of ************ an essay. No real insight from the questions, painfully vague questions (did the guys get pumped?), a clear lack of knowledge about the sport, not knowing anything about any of the players.

Francessa has set the bar so low that some of you seem to think that him not ******** on the mic while talking to Henke is a solid interview. Calling that a good interview is insulting to the journalists who can actually give an insightful interview with informed questions. I guess I'm alone on this, but that was so painful to listen to.
I agree that the start of the interview was bad no question. It got a lot better towards the end. I thoroughly enjoyed the part about the penalty shot. As well as the question about the parity in the league and what it takes to make it in the playoffs.

You have to remember not everyone is a hardcore fan like you and me. They also have to cater to an audience that is not so used to hockey. I thought they did a solid job of it.

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