Thread: On the Radio: Henrik On WFAN With Francesa At 5 PM
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01-03-2012, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Svenhart2008 View Post
Ok, last comment by me on this since you're getting pretty angry over nothing. You're opinion about the interview is heavily influenced by your opinion of the host as your quoted post shows. If you had no idea who the host was you may be less harsh on the interview. Possible?

I'm not getting angry; everything I typed can easily be said in a mindset other than anger. If I had no idea who they who host was, and just read a transcript of it, I'm sure that I would still find it embarassing, amateurish, ill-prepped, and a waste of time. It's not just the guy doing the interview, it's the complete lack of knowledge, interest, and prep time, as well as the terrible question selection.

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