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Originally Posted by jimmy1100 View Post
And this is where I disagree with you. We've been playing playoff-style hockey games all year. As long as we're healthy and make the playoffs, we are a threat to knock out anyone. If you had any questions on that, I'd reference you to the recent games against Chicago and Vancouver, your current 1 and 2 seeds.

And, since you like to extrapolate, I'd point out that the Kings are 4-0-3 under Sutter. That's 11 points in 7 games for ~ 1.571 P/GP. If they hold that pace over the next 42 games, then we'll finish with another 66 points for a total of 110. HOLY ****, we're gonna be the #1 seed!!!

EDIT: our total would be 111 points, not 110
Fair enough, but I'd put the probability of a slight improvement over half a season ahead of never losing another game in regulation, wouldn't you? My goal wasn't to be snarky with stats--the point is that the team needs more help than I can realistically expect Sutter to deliver on his own. If DL stands pat, it's a coin flip from here on out.

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