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12-17-2005, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Unthinkable
I'm still trying to figure out how Hockey's Future went from having an official stance that his name wasn't ever to be mentioned in threads to "he's a valuable member of the forums - no flames and personal criticisms please". One extreme viewpoint to the other seemingly overnight with no real detailed explanation that I can ever recall reading from the higher ups here. Is he really Kevin Greenstein? Saw that assertion posted in another thread the other night. I'm now curious if he's the same KG who proposed it was time to deal Marty and blow up the team back a few months ago in which Stan Fischler and him went back and forth with some heated arguments following that article.
He isn't Greenstein.

I think HF just gave up on trying to stop people from posting his stuff. He's certainly gotten himself some insider gossip from time to time. But he's also a proven liar that will make something up. And yes, that's been proven. He once claimed to have a rumor directly from a player's agent that he just got off the phone with. Problem was, he didn't realize that player didn't have an agent at the time and was representing himself.

However, that was long ago. Before he blog. Back when he used to post his rumors directly onto the main Flyers site.

I also think him getting credit for breaking a few big signings made HF back off. There's still some debate, but basically he broke the Forsberg signing. And we all laughed at him when he posted that to the Flyers board, but about an hour later Forsberg signed. So he got the info early from somewhere. He's broken a few others.

I still don't like him because he's past of making up rumors. It's not just "the nature of the rumor business". Blatently making up a rumor yourself strips you of your integrity. But he has gotten himself some contacts and he's no worse then Larry Brooks.

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