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12-17-2005, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by doom2
So today I tried wearing 2 pairs of socks, since a friend of mine said he had a somewhat similar problem, and it works for him. I tried it, the skates fit my feet pretty tight, didn't have to tighten up the laces hardly at all. For a moment it felt pretty good actually... then comes the pain. Only this time, it was worse, by far, and it was hurting all of the time, instead of just when skating. I took the other pair of socks off, tightened my skates like I always do, and it felt a LOT better, still it hurt when skating hard.
So the pain with the socks probably came from the skates being too tight (even though I didn't lace them up tight, the extra pair of socks made them so). So I'm kinda thinking maybe I in fact DO lace my skates up too tight. But then again, I always try to tighten them very little, just to the point that my feet don't wobble.
Then I thought, maybe my skates are too narrow for my foot. But they're 9 EE, and EE means wide, D narrow? Perhaps even the wide Bauer shoe isn't wide enough for my foot... ? I guess I'll have to try some other brand next time.

What size shoe do you wear?

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