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Originally Posted by mike14 View Post
True, but no imagine the NHL (or any other sport) allows coaches and players to bag out the refs to the media any time they want without consequence.

Would you pay massive $$ to sponsor a sport where everyone complains about 'corrupt' officials, would you even pay to watch it?

As a parent, would you enroll your child in a sport, where at the top level the officials are labeled as 'incompetent'? If it's that bad at the top, imagine what it must be at the Jnr level. It would be a waste of time for my kids, I'll put him in a different sport...
if you do not complain, you won't get a fix. solving this issue by fining Torts is as detrimental to the game as the approach of doping. let's hide it under the carpet and make impression nothing happened. in my mind, that is worse to the game than openly admitting of wrong doing on the refs. That will tell referees IN THE FUTURE, that if you do something like that, it will be also your last game in NHL

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