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11-05-2003, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Penkil2m
The program is funded by USA Hockey.
The players do not recieve money as a stipend. The host family receives money as room and board from USA Hockey.
It's a great opportunity for american elite players to stay in the US, play with the best here, finish high school and hopefully receive a scholorship to a Div.1 college.
Players that decide to go to Canada lose the opportunity to go to college in this country. The Major Jr. Teams in Canada pay their players.
I suppose their agent receives quite a bit of money to deliver a highly skilled player.
Mantha leaving will not effect the team.
Herb Brooks thought it would be better to spread the money around instead of using the money on 48 players a year.
The program has produced some round 1 NHL draftees. I do believe the players were already highly skilled before they arrived in Ann Arbor. USNTDP honed their skill and gave the US a better chance to win internationally.
I think being selected to play on the US team gives the player instant status as a highly skilled player. It is a high profile team watched by NCAA and NHL scouts. If a player wants to play NHL hockey and wants to stay in the USA and has the skill....this is the best place to get noticed as a high school 16, 17 year old.
As a person who has worked in CHL management in the past, I can say that the story of agents receiving money to "deliver" U.S. players to the CHL is a crock of $hit concocted by Jeff Jackson and perpetuated by Eaves and Mantha in an attempt to discredit certain agents who are seen by them as pro-CHL. But the fact is the CHL is the best route for some U.S. kids, and the NTDP is the best route for other U.S. kids, and smart agents recognize that. The problem has been that these people have had a hard time accepting that the NTDP is not the best route for ALL U.S. kids.

I can also say that Mantha leaving WILL affect the NTDP to a certain extent. It would seem logical to suggest that Mantha would not leave the NTDP in mid-season unless he was going somewhere else that would better advance his coaching career. He wouldn't move to the OHL if he felt it was a step down on the coaching ladder which ultimately ends in the NHL, as it does for players. So I think a lot of prospective players (particularly the true high-end guys) and their parents will ask themselves: if Mantha left the NTDP to go to the OHL, doesn't that mean that the OHL is a "step up" from the NTDP on the way to the NHL? Believe me, the CHL has been making a lot of inroads in getting players that would have been a lock to go to the NTDP just a few years ago (e.g., Bobby Ryan, Joey Ryan, Tommy Mannino, etc.), and Mantha pulling the "if I can't beat them, join them" routine will only help in their recruiting.

In theory, the NTDP has given the U.S. a better chance to win internationally. In reality, the number of World Championship (U-18 or WJC) medals that the U.S. has won since the program's inception: one. Although if I remember correctly, the NTDP did win a Prospects Tournament in Toronto a few years ago.

With the emergence of the USHL as a quality developmental league, I subscribe to Herb Brooks' point of view cited above.

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