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01-03-2012, 09:10 PM
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I've found your bias. I am not talking about points. I don't care about points, we have enough points. I care about goals. We don't need someone to dish the puck. We have two of the best young two-way centers in the game and plenty of players that can pass the puck. We don't have anyone that can find the back of the net on a consistent basis. We need a goal scorer.

You and I disagree vastly on Nash's ranking, and I would bet if we asked around the league, like some of these segments have like I linked earlier, Nash would be ranked higher, but it doesn't matter because it is undeniable that he is a goal scoring power forward that guarantees goals. That is all we need.

Yes, he is overpaid, but who isn't? We can't trade for anyone with a more reasonable contract and that ability, and we would have to overpay anyone to entice them to LA anyway. He is making a premium because it is Columbus and they had to sweeten the pot to convince him to stay. Doesn't matter, he still fits in our salary structure and would be a massive boost to our offensive credibility.

Iginla is too old, and Erickson would cost too much in trade versus the fact that he is another disher and doesn't guarantee goals on the same level Nash does. If you are going to spend those kinds of assets, you might as well get the best player. You are stats mongering. Everyone in the league will tell you Nash is the best player between them.


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