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01-03-2012, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Atoz View Post
I just came from an annual charity event called MDA’s Muscle Team. Run by the Muscular Dystrophy Assn. it gets together local NY athletes, other celebrities, families with children that have muscular dystrophy, and well off people that donate money and bid on sports memorabilia. I've probably talked about it here in the past. Last year Dubi came from the Rangers along with Ron Dugay, who's a regular. The Jets & Giants send 7 or 8 players each. It's hosted each year by Russ Salzberg.

This year the Rangers were the only local team not to send anyone. Not even a retired player. Their excuse was that the event didn't fit into their practice schedule. We all know the schedule. Were the Rangers practicing tonight? Evidently Henrik had time to talk to the noted hockey expert Mike Francessa tonight.

Pretty embarrassing indeed.
Oh god this is a joke right? With all the charity work these guys do, your embarrassed of your team because they didn't make it to this single charity event? They do as much charity work as any NY sports team out there.

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