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12-17-2005, 04:28 PM
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Have you baked them yet? Most shops do it, but I did it myself at home. Electric ovens work the best. I cut a piece of corrigated card board to place my skate on so its not touching the metal racks. I heated the oven to about 150 and placed one skate at a time for just about two minuets. any more than that and it will get too hot to put on your foot and will mess up the glues holding the boot together. Anyway pull it out when its hot to the touch and lace up tight. Do the other one and walk around or stand in them for about twenty minuets to allow the boot to mold to your foot. Dont play in them for a good 24 hours after you do this so the glues re-set and cure.
Like I said most shops do it and if you do it yourself most warrantys by the boot maker will be void. if you bought these skates at a shop they should do it for free or a very small fee.
This pain happened to me too and seemed to be worse for a good ten minuets after I took the skates off. but not any more.

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