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12-17-2005, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Pred303
you think a lot more of erat than i do, i have to admit i'm not a huge erat fan.. i think he's a good player, but not this point a game player you think he will be, the kid can score goals,but isn't much of a passer or playmaker to be honest, 75% of his assist come off people knocking rebounds off his missed shots and not passes... and unarguably the guy is a puck hog like handtrick notes..skates around looking for his shot, not giving the puck up at times when he should... skates around in the offensive zone with his head down, looking for his play, and not for open teammates most of the time.. i'm really suprised he hasn't been killed by some dman catching him with his head down to be honest

now he's still young, fast and valuable to a team that still struggles to score goals and totally agree you don't give a player with the talent of an erat away for a "maybe"... i hope he stays a pred and grows his game into a more complete rounded one, but if a viable,proven 1st or 2nd line type center comes available in a trade for the guy, i'd be the first to say do it
75%? come on. that's a total exageration. Maybe this season (since he only has 7 asissts), but in previous seasons, he has been one of the only true playmakers on our team.

I have only seen some of the games this year. I can't really speak for all that's he (or anyone else) has done this year. But Erat would have been a point-per-game player 'last season' if he had gotten 1st line ice time and prime powerplay time (based on his ES point-per-minute av and his PP point-per-minute av).

Erat is still "finding himself" (learning how to use his excellent skill base), but in the meantime, he continues to be one of our most productive players. I have little doubt that he will truely find himself in the future. But we agree on one thing... we shouldn't be giving him up for "this guy MIGHT work at center" player.

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