Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Vancouver @ Boston: Who should start?
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01-03-2012, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by jimmythescot View Post
I find the phrase "Injuries are no excuse" being said on here is probably the most infuriating comment that gets regularly doled out. Not just about the Canucks, but in any discussion. That line would make sense if we were actually the players getting ready to go out there without their captain or leading scorer as a kind of group motivation. Or it could make sense if they're being asked by the media after a game whether injuries played a part in their defeat.

It makes absolutely no sense for fans to say that to each other because, unless you're an imbecile or are Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, you would have to know that if you can't skate, or be in full control of your stick, injuries will cause a drop in performance.

Anyway, I really hope the Canucks win the cup one day so I can have a massive rant on this without being labelled a whiner.
So, so agreed. (And the labelling of "whiner" that you allude to also falls into the thing-that-infuriate-me-about-sports-fans category).

If gamblers take it into account (they'd lose lots of money if they didn't), and the opposition takes it into account (they change their game based on who's playing and in what state), what kind of absolute moron would honestly believe that injuries don't make a huge difference in a team's capacity to perform?

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