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01-03-2012, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by cobaltseraphim View Post
I like having the Score or a give-away in the title of the PGT.

I don't see why people are always complaining. The silent majority would likely say, either way it doesn't matter.
I don't see where the complaining is. I am someone who totally hates the complaining, the whining and moaning and I have been VERY vocal about it for years... There's a big difference between a discussion and complaining. If someone was complaining I missed it. All we did (me and Caeldan only I think) was to give our point of view as to why it would be cool to not have spoilers in PGT titles.

There's not really much more than this, and I don't even care if it doesn't change. Like I said (unfortunately you have to repeat A LOT around here), I have my own way of avoiding spoilers. The only thing I need do on HF before watching my PVR'd game is to open the GDT.

Originally Posted by TeamRenzo View Post
I sometimes have to PVR games as well due to kids, work, etc but I expect results to be posted on the internet which is why I avoid all media. I dont listen to the TEAM, I dont check HFboards, etc. I dont see what value the GDT adds if you have PVR'd the game

The internet has been around long enough to understand that it is full of spoilers. If you PVR a game dont check HFBoards, it is not a hard concept to understand.
lol, this is becoming very "facepalming"

Look, until today, I have NEVER talked about this issue, not even ONCE. I Don't really care, because like I said in other posts that you didn't read, I have my own way to avoid the scores and the ONLY THING I need to do on the internet before watching the PVR'd game is to open the GDT to read it WHILE I watch the game. I'm just used to read the GDT and watch the game at the same time, I like it. Is it ok? lol

"It is not a hard concept to understand". Look, I can say that too.

Originally Posted by playasRus View Post
Everyone needs to chill out.
I'm one of those guys that doesn't mind having the game spoiled for myself, but to those who're complaining about spoilers, just stay away from HF until you watch the game. What else would you come to the boards for if not to discuss the game?
Just to OPEN the GDT and read it while watching the game. Just trying to replicate the "LIVE EXPERIENCE". But apparently it's a very hard concept and you have to be flamed away for it lol

okay, enough repeating, message should pass now!

Originally Posted by JonnyMacSen View Post
Seriously why is this even a issue with people? I can see both sides of the argument sure, but in reality is the score in the title REALLY that big of a deal to the people who saw the game live, really? Is some-how the discussion ruined by not having the score in the title? Yes there's risks finding the score elsewhere in this board but thats not what people are asking.

Your gonna spend all this useless energy trying to prove who's right/wrong on a pretty simple request. Fellow sens fans asking a favor to other sens fans, don't see the big deal here.

Ok, I'm kinda relieved a bit after reading that. I thought I was crazy

That being said, in the end I don't even care if it changes or not. My point was more to HELP people that could have issues with it because I totally understand them now (I had my first PVR 1 month ago), always catched most of the games live before

Originally Posted by NyQuil View Post
I think it was the fact that one of the proponents of the scheme was lecturing the fan base about his "adult life" that turned everyone against it.
Look Nyquil, I was the one using "adult life". I know you didn't quote me but I'm assuming you have a problem with it? Ok, so this is what I said :

I'll try to bookmark the GDTs in the future, but sometimes I don't have the time or have too many other things in mind. People have to realize not everyone is a student or live with parents, etc. "Adult life" is much more complicated and little details like that are... just little details. It's already enough that I have to think about recording the game
Please explain me what is so bad about it... That term was just used to explain that it can complicated and sometimes impossible to log in and bookmark the GDTs during the day just before the game (so in the end I have to come here to open the GDT). I have no idea why you (or anyone else for that matter) could have any problem with what I have said. What's so "taboo" about it? lol

Maybe it's just language barriers but getting jabs for absolutely nothing is a bit tiring.

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