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12-17-2005, 06:23 PM
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Andy Murray is playing the same mind games that he used at the start of the season with Cammalleri. I'm not talking about the scratching, per se; I'm talking about the spin tactics that he's using. In the papers, this morning:
Originally Posted by L.A. Times
Murray said he made the move because, "We have some other players who fit better in the matchups."
So, it was simply a matchup issue. That's the same first excuse that he made for Cammalleri's scratching. Later on:
Originally Posted by L.A. Times
Murray explained Robitaille's absence as, "Luc has a bit of a groin thing."
Oh, now it's an injury, not matchups. Elsewhere, I've read that Murray is simply unhappy with Luc's effort and how he's playing his role. What is it, Andy? Just like with Cammalleri, you're fumbling for excuses, throwing different ones to the media on different occasions. Why can't you just be straight with the players and the fans?

And now for the coup de grace...
Originally Posted by L.A. Times
The veteran left wing learned of his demotion only when Murray read off the line combinations and Robitaille's name wasn't mentioned.
Now that is disrespect. Ignore for a moment whether the scratching, itself, was disrespectful. The fact that Luc had to learn that he was being scratched in front of the whole team is the real disrespect! What is AM trying to pull here?! These aren't 3rd-graders. If I were head coach, I wouldn't even treat the lowliest scrub with that kind of disrespect, least of all a future Hall-of-Famer.

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