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01-04-2012, 04:06 AM
Don't waste my time
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This thread should be closed at the end of ATD 2012, before the MLD/AAA/AA/A of 2012

Any picks made in 2012 should be made in the 2012 depth drafts, or else to **** with 2012 depth drafts! There will be off-the-board picks in the MLD 2012, AAA 2012, AA 2012 and A 2012 just like there usually is!!!!!!!!!!! let's honour the process. it would **** me off and others too to have some guy they found off the board get announced on the board just prior to your drafting of the guy in a depth draft.

Either we forget about having 2012 depth drafts or else close this thread when the depth drafts begin.

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