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Originally Posted by cska78 View Post
You have two options: pay 500-600 U.S. and cancel your russian citiizenship all-together, or spend about the same and renew your russian passport (which i have done, and yes I am a dual citizen of usa and russia).
The cost for a new passport at the Russian Embassy in Toronto (MOGiLNY's location) is $30. You may have to spend a little more when factoring in passport photos and other miscellaneous expenses, but you get the point.

Originally Posted by cska78 View Post
yes, the official Russian Law - 2 month turn around time for a confirmation of the citizenship I believe, but it took me 13, lol
The law is that you must be issued a new passport no more than 3 months after the date of applying for a replacement. This, however, does not include the confirmation of citizenship procedure that one must undergo in the absence of a valid document affirming one's Russian citizenship. The latter depends on how quickly the FМS office with which you are registered in Russia is able to process your documents. The general time frame to expect in straightforward cases is anywhere between 2-6 months.

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