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Originally Posted by Thordic View Post
Some athletes refuse to sign autographs because they know a lot of people just turn around and put them on ebay. I think this is why Jagr doesn't sign, if I remember correctly?

Some of them only sign for kids for this reason as well.
Not really, but a lot do have more than 1 signature. Eli Manning is known to have 4. A simple E---- M---- (the ---- just being a straight line) when he is signing for free. This is mainly because at training camp or if you can catch him outside the timex center, he gets swamped and wants to get as many as possible. He then has "Eli Mannnnnng" which is his paid signature for Steiner and other events. A very nice looking signature. He then has "Elisha Nelson Manning" which he only signs for select people or if you pay him A LOT. I know one dealer has one, said he paid him an extra $500 for that one during a private signing. Then he has his regular signature he uses for documents such as signing his contract, a check, etc. The "free" signature sells for A LOT less than his paid signature on the secondary market.

Other reason is the player is often in a rush if you catch them somewhere, where at a paid signing they are going to take the time to get it right each time.

Lundqvist will sign. I saw him up in the 400's during a pre-season game a few years ago. He signed my ticket and it does look exactly the same as the autos of him I have for which I paid.

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