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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
So GAA is a team stat? GA is a team stat? Gee, I have been watching hockey for about 32 years and never once have I've I seen GAA or GA referred to as a team stat. GAA and GA are a direct reflection on the indiviudal. It rates how they preform after the shot is taken when it's just the goalie against the puck and their ability, or in this case lack there of, to stop ii. To call them team stats is a veiled attempt to stake the focus off a guy that just did not preform as well as many liek to think. I do give you credit for digging up one of the most obsucre and meanignless stats I ever heard of though. Fourth in the league in saves per 60 minutes? Really? I am sure you had to search far and wide to find a stat that not only has no one ever heard of, but may be the most meaningless stat I have ever heard of.

I will end this by letting those who wish to back in his one alleged great "potential" or one "great" season knock themselves out. I prefer to keep with the facts.
Absolutely. Who is going to probably have a higher GAA? The goalie who plays behind a terrible defense & faces 35 shots a night, or the one who plays behind a trapping team & faces 25? Save % is a better indicator of a goalies performance, although it itself is far from perfect.

You don't think SA & saves per game are meaningful? To know how busy a goalie is during a game? Its the same type stat we had rammed down out throat when Luongo was in Florida (he faces soo many shots per game, ignore his GAA), and I'd say that he is pretty damned good.

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