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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
funny how the majority wanted moen gone last year but now that he's popped in a few goals, he's somehow valuable again. He's been a steady soldier for montreal throughout his tenure. The only difference is that he's scoring at a higher rate this year.

Guys like moen are always in demand at the deadline, the habs could easily move him to a contender and get something for him. If you are a seller at the deadline, you sell this guy. Moen helps your team with versatility, and is most valuable to teams who are pushing for a cup run. The habs are not there, so you take what you can get for him today, and then address what you lost down the road, because the habs have greater and more elusive needs than travis moen. When the habs find themselves gearing for a cup push, they will find another moen internally or on the market themselves.
I won't even deny that I've jumped ship on players before, however Moen was one of the players I was always defending last year when people ragged on him or wanted him gone, even said he was useless. How people can be so stupid when it comes to judging a player I'll never understand. It's like if he doesn't put up Ovechkin numbers he's a bum to some folks He was fine last year and yet a noticeable majority of people on here were haters. The people who defended him with me (I actually think maybe you were one of them) will remember it was like 5 haters to 1 ratio. I just don't see how people could hate on a role player like Moen that much to the point where 80% of people didn't like him unless some folks around here are very easily influenced by friends, family and the media. He's done nothing to justify being thrown under the bus by anyone. He's always exceeded what he's been signed to do for us.

It makes me to a big -->

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