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Originally Posted by Captain Monglobster View Post
Get rid of the instigator. Get rid of automatic game misconduct for simultaneous fights. Let the game have some emotion, remember scrums? They don't want those in the game anymore either. Anyone's career ever end during a scrum?

Some of my favorite games as a kid were the Isles-Rangers melee's. No one got seriously hurt from those.

Player's pads need to be redesigned to be softer while still protective, and the ice needs to be bigger. Then you'll see less head injuries.

There may be something to complications later in life as the result of many fights i.e. Bob Probert, but if you're worried about that you should read about the studies they are doing on the brains of retired NFL players who die at middle age, and the fact that they have the brains of senior citizens. You might want to take contact out of football in that case.
The tips of the elbow pads are like rocks... the elbow pads I used were really hard, and if you were to throw and elbow to someone's head as they are crossing the blue line, that's the cause of the concussion IMO.

(Obviously I would never do this, but we've seen it multiple times in the NHL)

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